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Federal Way Cremation Services

Cremation has emerged as the preferred choice for many residents in Federal Way when making end-of-life preparations. Cremation Plus prides itself on treating Federal Way residents and their loved ones who have passed respectfully and professionally. We understand the burden and emotional turmoil losing a loved one can have on those left behind.

Our compassionate and resilient staff work with families to honor their dead with respect and dignity during this challenging time. We believe in celebrating and memorializing the lives and legacies of those who have died in a way that reflects their individuality and personality.

Cremation Services Near Federal Way, WA

Our cremation team works closely with the bereaved to find the best cremation services for those they have lost. We create personalized, memorable and meaningful cremation services that reflect the life and legacy of those we lost.

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. Grieving friends and families also face several challenges during this time, including planning funeral arrangements and/or cremation paperwork. These responsibilities can be overwhelming, denying some people the time to grieve.

Cremation Plus helps simplify the process, giving clients control over viewing available crematories and budget options. The bereaved don’t have to book physical appointments with our cremation funeral director at Federal Way, Washington State.

Easy Online Arrangements

Our technical team designed a seamless and easy-to-use online portal for clients to make online cremation arrangements. It’s a very user-friendly online arrangements platform for the cremation process. Our dedicated staff also offers guidance and clarity for clients who need help understanding the online process and prefer having expert help.

We may have questions to help clients choose the cremation service best suited to their deceased. Questions may include the name and size of the deceased, where the death occurred, the attending doctor’s name and next of kin. The more information we can gather about the deceased, the better we’ll be able to help clients decide the best cremation service to choose.

Cremation Plus aims to provide grieving families and loved ones with a supportive and convenient online platform to make meaningful final preparations for their dearly departed. Our streamlined cremation arrangements process helps make that possible.

Fire-Based Cremation

This cremation type uses heat and flame to reduce the deceased’s body to bone fragments or ash, also referred to as cremated remains. Flame-based cremation is performed by a machine called a cremator and is the most common cremation type available today.

Cremation Plus understands how emotionally draining a loved one’s passing can be. For this reason, we strive to make our cremation processes as accommodating and humane as possible. The processes leading up to the cremation process should honor, celebrate and memorialize those we have lost.

Our fire-based cremation service provides a respectful, dignified and compassionate process that marks the end of life of a rich, fulfilled and unique journey.

Step One – Contact Us for More Information

Cremation Plus has some of the most compassionate and dedicated staff who are always available and ready to help clients with their needs. Mourning the loss of a loved one is always a stressful and heartbreaking experience. Our team at Federal Way understands the stressful position clients can be in at this time and strives to be understanding and accommodating throughout the process.

Contact our staff to learn more about our cremation services, ask questions and seek guidance on cremation prices and preplan arrangements. We offer a helping hand in this emotionally challenging and confusing time. We’re just a phone call away.

Step Two – Complete the Necessary Documents

Funeral and cremation services can sometimes involve a lot of legal proceedings and paperwork that must be signed and filed. Clients often forget to sign some legal documents or submit the wrong paperwork, which can delay the cremation process.

Cremation Plus has legal representatives who work on the legal paperwork and other documentation during this difficult time. We handle all the legal stuff to allow the bereaved time to mourn and commemorate their deceased.

Step Three – Register Your Cremation Preplans

Our cremation preplans allow customers to organize their end-of-life funeral arrangements and make personal cremation preferences before they die. Our staff strives to meet those preferences in the documented manner.

Documenting cremation processes beforehand also gives customers peace of mind, knowing they would spare their loved ones the emotional distress of making these difficult decisions. We’ve made it easy for customers to preplan and prepay for their cremation services with Cremation Plus.

We also have a convenient Travel Protection Plan to protect families from paying the unexpected costs of transporting the bodies of loved ones who die while abroad.

Step Four – We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

Cremation Plus has a dedicated and caring team that offers grieving friends and families an empathic and caring presence during this difficult journey. We know the road ahead will be difficult and are prepared to walk it with you every step of the way.

Feel free to contact us whenever you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on or advice. We’ll always be here, available 24/7.

Get in Touch With Us

Cremation Plus offers a helping hand to grieving friends and families looking for a respectful and honorable way to say their final goodbyes to their loved ones who have passed. Contact us to learn more about our cremation services, preplans and travel protection plans.

Our Reviews

Ana N.
Reviewed in 2024
I recently lost my mom unexpectedly and quickly. This was the first time having to deal with anything like this and when I called and spoke to Kelly, she was able to answer all of my questions with great patience and empathy. Kelly walked me through this whole process from beginning to end.
Kenton M.
Reviewed in 2024
Cremation Plus is very easy to work with. They walked me through the whole process. Their online resources made selecting options easy. I appreciated that there was always someone to available to answer questions and help with paperwork. They made a difficult time a little easier.
Michael Z..
Reviewed in 2024
Very helpful and friendly. Had no idea what I was doing. I was walked through step by step. Very fast at answering emails. If I ever need their services again, they're my first call.
Caryn P.
Reviewed in 2024
They were very kind, patient and courteous even though not everyone from my family was cooperative with them. I would recommend to anyone in need of this type of service.
Tony L.
Reviewed in 2024
Cremation Plus provided us exactly what we needed when we lost Mom. The process was simple and straightforward. Mom's wishes were to have a simple cremation and that's what we got. Thank you!