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Seattle Cremation Services

Cremation is becoming more common as the population continues to grow and land and other resources become increasingly scarce. Not only is cremation a cost-effective method of final disposition, but it also has less impact on the environment than traditional burials. Many people choose to be cremated instead of buried for these reasons. If your loved one chose cremation as their preferred final disposition, Cremation Plus can help. We offer three simple packages, so you can find the best cremation prices Seattle has to offer. With compassion and affordable pricing, we make it a little easier to deal with the remains of your loved one.

Seattle Cremation Services

Cremation Plus offers a wide range of cremation services in Seattle. To make things easier and more affordable for you, we offer three packages: Basic, Premium and Ultimate. Our Basic Package is the bare-bones package that still includes everything you need along with cremation. This includes funeral director and staff services, transfer of remains, preparation of the body, cremation, Legacy Touch fingerprinting and a plastic urn.

When you step up to the Premium Package, you get all the same benefits with the addition of a $150 urn credit, hand-delivery of the cremated remains, and one certified copy of the death certificate. Our Ultimate Package gives you a $250 urn credit, three certified copies of the death certificate, an expedited cremation process, and local and national delivery of cremated remains. All our packages cover the basic cremation process, so you can get all the cremation services you need even if you’re on a budget.

Easy Online Arrangements

Dealing with the death of a loved one involves a lot of stress, so it can be tough to make arrangements and take care of all the paperwork. With Cremation Plus, it’s easy to arrange a Seattle cremation online, so you don’t have to talk to anyone on the phone or drive around town to arrange a cremation. All you have to do is visit our website and click Start Arrangements under Arrange Online. You’ll be asked to view a copy of the General and Merchandise Price Lists before answering a few basic questions about your needs. In just a few short minutes, you can get the ball rolling and start arranging a cremation.

If you’re in a tough spot financially, we offer monthly payment options for all three of our packages. If you can’t pay in one lump sum, give us a call to learn more about our monthly payment option.

Fire-Based Cremation

At Cremation Plus, we use simple fire-based cremation to process the remains of your loved one. This is the most commonly used cremation process, and it requires a special machine called a cremator. Cremation Plus has two cremators on-site, and we’re happy to give you a tour if you visit our facilities. This also makes it easy for us to handle the entire process in one place, from arranging cremation services to carrying out the actual cremation. Because we do everything in-house, we help you save money that you can spend on a memorial or expenses for the children of the deceased.

Step One – Contact Us for More Information

We strive to offer a simple cremation process, which starts with you contacting us. You can reach out to us by starting an online arrangement, calling us or visiting our office in Puyallup. You can also contact us via our website or send us an email. When you contact us the first time, we’ll ask some basic questions about your needs to help you choose the right package. If you haven’t already seen the General and Merchandise Price Lists, we’ll send you a copy. If you have any questions or concerns, this is a good time to address them. We offer face to face arrangements at our office as well.

Step Two – Complete the Necessary Documents

Once you’ve contacted us for the first time and we know a bit about your situation, you’ll need to complete some documents before we can start the process. These documents are fairly straightforward and mostly require basic information, but we know how stressful it can be to fill out paperwork when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. If you have any questions about how to fill out a document or submit it to us, feel free to give us a call or visit our office.

Step Three – Register Your Cremation Preplans

Many people begin the cremation process after a loved one passes, but preplanning can be a smart move if your loved one is receiving end-of-life care. If you’re preplanning a cremation, you’ll need to register your cremation preplans after you’ve decided on a package and filled out the appropriate paperwork. This is the final process before the actual cremation, but it’s a crucial step in making sure everything is arranged when your loved one passes. We know how difficult it can be to deal with the passing of a loved one, but you don’t have to handle final disposition arrangements at the last minute if you pre plan cremation services in Seattle.

Step Four – We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

Now that you’ve done all the legwork, the next step is the actual cremation process. In the meantime, you can call us with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also visit our office for a free tour of our facilities, so you can see how everything works and get some peace of mind when it’s time for the cremation. We work hard to offer 24/7 availability and quick, convenient services, so you can count on us to pick up the phone when your loved one passes.

Get in Touch With Us

Cremation Plus is located within the historic Woodlawn Abbey Mausoleum in Puyallup. We have a freshly remodeled office there where we arrange for cremation services. It’s a peaceful and serene setting that client families appreciate visiting. We’re at your service. Please call 800-875-9065, or submit our online form anytime.

Our Reviews

Ana N.
Reviewed in 2024
I recently lost my mom unexpectedly and quickly. This was the first time having to deal with anything like this and when I called and spoke to Kelly, she was able to answer all of my questions with great patience and empathy. Kelly walked me through this whole process from beginning to end.
Kenton M.
Reviewed in 2024
Cremation Plus is very easy to work with. They walked me through the whole process. Their online resources made selecting options easy. I appreciated that there was always someone to available to answer questions and help with paperwork. They made a difficult time a little easier.
Michael Z..
Reviewed in 2024
Very helpful and friendly. Had no idea what I was doing. I was walked through step by step. Very fast at answering emails. If I ever need their services again, they're my first call.
Caryn P.
Reviewed in 2024
They were very kind, patient and courteous even though not everyone from my family was cooperative with them. I would recommend to anyone in need of this type of service.
Tony L.
Reviewed in 2024
Cremation Plus provided us exactly what we needed when we lost Mom. The process was simple and straightforward. Mom's wishes were to have a simple cremation and that's what we got. Thank you!